Media - October 3, 2018

A recent Open House at Launch Coworking (Exchange) was featured in an article by business reporter Martin Cash in the Winnipeg Free Press, entitled A Different Kind of Office: Shared work environment options expanding in city.

Jason Abbott has been running a small modular furniture company called Oi Furniture in Winnipeg for a few years and has always had a hard time finding the right space to work out of, alternating between working from his home office or conducting meetings with clients at coffee shops.

He didn’t necessarily need a full-time office, and while the co-working concept was exploding elsewhere, there were no real options in Winnipeg. That’s what inspired him to start Launch Coworking Space 16 months ago in a 5,000-square foot second-floor space in a building on Chevrier Boulevard.

He is now in the process of recruiting tenants for a second location for Launch Coworking Space in the Exchange District on the main floor of a heritage building on Arthur Street.”

Coworking Winnipeg team member Brian Griffith was also quoted at the end of the piece.

Winnipeg can sometimes be behind the curve on some things, but when we do eventually get behind an idea we really go for it. Like Winnipeg’s now-thriving coffee shop and craft beer scenes, coworking is now really taking off in Winnipeg. It’s an exciting time, partly thanks to local coworking pioneers like Jason Abbott of Launch Coworking.

You can read the full article here: A Different Kind of Office: Shared work environment options expanding in city

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