Coworking Winnipeg promotes the coworking, makerspace, and collaborative communities of Winnipeg, Canada. We aim to help people connect to our city’s thriving creative, entrepreneurial, freelance, and innovative communities.

What we do:

  • Keep a directory of Coworking Spaces and Makerspaces in Winnipeg. We also maintain a Social Media Directory to make it easy for you to follow them.
  • Share Events hosted by coworking & makerspace communities, industry associations, and creative groups. We’ve also hosted 37 Side-Project Saturdays pop-up coworking events since 2016.
  • Publish news, articles, interviews, podcasts, and videos from Winnipeg’s coworking & makerspace communities on our Media page & on social media.
  • Use our Instagram and Twitter accounts to promote coworking & makerspaces. We also encourage everyone to use hashtag coworkingwpg to show off coworking in Winnipeg.
  • Collect local Resources to help you connect to industry, opportunities, or to help you to build your freelance career or business in Winnipeg.

Hello Coworking Spaces & Makerspaces!

Do you run or help manage a local Coworking community or Makerspace?

We are here to support YOU and your community. You can suggest revisions to any page. Send us photos, media, and links about your space or your upcoming events, and we’ll share them.

As a new project, we’d really appreciate your ideas for what Coworking Winnipeg should be. Look below for ways to connect.


What is Winnipeg?
To get a better sense of why Winnipeg is a thriving hub for freelancers, startups, artists, and small businesses, check out our directory of Winnipeg’s Coworking Spaces and Makerspaces. Also see our list of Events being hosted by local coworking communities, makerspaces, industry associations, and creative groups. Also, be sure to look at our list of Local Resources to help you connect to industry, opportunities, or to build your business in Winnipeg.
What is coworking?
Coworking means different things within different coworking communities, but we like this definition from Cultivate Coworking:

Coworking describes independent workers coming together in one place with other independent workers and working side by side. They don’t have to work for the same company or even be doing the same kind of work. Coworkers enjoy the social and collaborative environment that a coworking space can provide while still being able to do their own thing. Coworkers are mostly freelancers, remote workers, small business owners, artists, non-profits, contractors, and other professionals that have the freedom to work wherever they like.

Want to discover coworking in Winnipeg? Check out our directory of Winnipeg’s Coworking Spaces and Makerspaces!

What are makerspaces?
Makerspaces are places which offer shared access to a variety of equipment to members. They can also be known as FabLabs, Techshops, or hackerspaces. We like this definition from

A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. These spaces are open to kids, adults, and entrepreneurs and have a variety of maker equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, soldering irons and even sewing machines.

Want to discover makerspaces in Winnipeg? Check out our directory of Winnipeg’s Makerspaces and Coworking Spaces!

What are collaborative communities?
We think of ‘collaborative communities’ as groups of people who meet regularly (or irregularly) to share ideas and skills, and to pursue creative, social or business goals. They are an important part of any healthy community and economy. Collaborative communities may exist within coworking communities or makerspaces communities, but they may also meet & interact in a variety of locations, online or offline.

Curious? A great place to discover some of Winnipeg’s collaborative communities is to visit our Events page, which features upcoming Meetups.

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